Chicks by Chicks Tivoli Food Hall


Chicks By Chicks is an organic rôtisserie eatery, beer and cider hangout & take away. We specialize in everything chicken, from tartlets, chicken stock soup, rôtisserie chicken, bbq wings and thighs to southern fried chicken.

Besides being your local chicken pusher we have seasonal salads, roasted potatoes, chicken stock gravy, spicy dips and an absurd amount of Danish cider and natural wines from the best producers around the world.

In June 2016 Chicks By Chicks was awarded the rare review of six hearts in Politiken. This has only been given to Geranium, Møller and Kaedau in the previous two years. That’s one hot bird!


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Bernstorffsgade 3, 2577 København V