GT of the month


Location: The Bird & The Churchkey – Papa Bird – The Bird CPH Airport – The Bird Tivoli

GT of the month

Every month The Bird & The Churchkey presents a new GT  inspired by carefully selected garnish of the season or what ever the f… we like. We believe in strong but simple concepts and that’s why we love GT’s, simple flavours but endless possibilities.

We promise you have never tasted gin-tonics like this before.


Give a big welcome to The Luca Tonic – Pretty and always in the right spot. It’s made with Friedrichs Dry Gin from Germany, tarragon, red apple and the Italian J.Gasco Tonic.Available in November at The Bird & The Churchkey, Papa Bird, The Bird Tivoli Food Hall and The Bird CPH Airport. All you lovely Kvartkort-holders can have it for 71,25,- whereas the rest have to pay 95,-.

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