New NATMAD Combo

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Location: Cock’s & Cows Kødbyen


Something new and special just for you!

At Cock’s & Cows Kødbyen they have added something new for those of you looking for NATMAD! On Fridays and Saturdays the kitchen stays open till 1.30 – the bar until 2.00. That’s why the bartenders of Kødbyen have added a new drink to the NATMAD menu. From May 4, you can now get a combo including a Vodka Maté drink. 

Not a clue what that is? Come try it, and with all good things – you might have to try it more than once before becoming as addicted like us. To get your Vodka Maté addiction started –  we offer free Vodka Maté to the first 100 guests, May 18 from 22.30! 😉

The Natmad Realunch menu
Kvartkort price: 138,75 DKK
Normal price: 185 DKK

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